Our philosophy is that a Catholic education should be available to all children, regardless of their ability to pay. This Sponsor-a-Student program generates matches donors with a specific student and family. Through this partnership, donors annually support Catholic and non-Catholic students, who otherwise would be unable to attend. Every year, there are hundreds of children who are no longer able to stay in our Academies simply because tuition expenses have grown beyond their families’ reach. As a sponsor, you will enable hardworking students to pursue their education in an academically competitive, values-oriented setting. If you would like further information about sponsoring a student, please contact Rodney Pierre-Antoine at rpierre-antoine@lcacademies.org.


General Tuition Assistance

The general tuition assistance fund provides aid to families who wish to enroll their children in Lumen Christi Academies affording parents a viable choice in their children’s education. Scholarship amounts vary according to annual income, household size, and the number of children enrolled in Catholic school. The maximum award will not exceed 75 percent of the student’s total annual tuition. Please contact Rodney Pierre-Antoine at rpierre-antoine@lcacademies.org if you are interested in supporting the Lumen Christi Academies tuition assistance fund.