I have always believed children should never be defined by their zip codes, poverty or violence, but they must be nurtured to become who God intended them to be.
— Sherri Moradi, Principal of St. Cornelius School.


The Academies are dedicated to equity, excellence and enlightenment. Students will not be defined by the zip code they live in, but by the curiosity, intelligence and talent they bring to their education


The Academies will provide state-of-the-art curriculum, pedagogy, technology facilitated by highly trained and skilled teachers.


The approaches and strategies utilized by teachers and staff will support the social and emotional wellness of all students and families to remove the barriers to learning and help build healthy families and, in turn, healthy communities.

As a Lumen Christi Academy school, it is exciting that we have been given the responsibility of leading and setting the standards for a cutting-edge model for change in the Catholic school system.
— Lucia Prince, Principal of Queen of All Saints School



Lumen Christi Academies is a 510(c)(3) non-profit organization and a pious autonomous foundation in the Diocese of Oakland. 

The academies will be led by a board consisting of community leaders committed to Catholic education with diverse professional backgrounds. It will have its own dedicated management to guide its mission, collaborating with the existing Department of Catholic Schools.